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23,430 - super puzzle

Solving time 11:54

Lots of good stuff in this one - a round of applause for the setter. Various bits of knowledge required, but I don't think these would be enough to prevent a solution for people without them.

1C,A,Pa.,CITY - Philadelphia = "a Pa. city"
10PROFESSIONALISM - anag. of 'in E soaps or films'
11ER=(R.E. rev.),AS,T(aught),U.S. - Erastus was indeed a theologian.
12P,RE(Qu.)EL - a lovely creative bit of wordplay.
15O(r)ATES - Titus O fits the 'conspirator' bill.
20G,RE A TAPE - another beautifully simple bit of wordplay
23COARSER - "courser" as in "hare coursing" - I guess this word can apply to people doing hunting as well as greyhounds.
25CHARLIE - 2 slang meanings
26BUILDING BRIDGES - as Thomas Telford did, along with roads & canals.
27REGIME - rev. of em=measure (printing), I=current (physics), Ger.=German - some old favourites for beginners to note
28CREDIT,ON="to be paid for by" as in "this round's on me" - yes, it's a Devon town.

1COPPER - a type of butterfly as well as a bit of "PC slang".
2PRO,BAT,I,ON=bowling - another classic clue not really about cricket at all.
3CHE(St.)ER - cheer = comfort is an old-fashioned meaning
4TO,S.A.S. - tosas are a Japanses breed of mastiff, orginally kept for fighting. And the SAS are an elite bunch of squaddies.
7P(OIL)U - oil in up rev. "poilu" = French slang for a soldier - an infantryman, from memory.
14FIGUR(I)NE - gunfire actually being the object, not the subject of "caused damage".
19HAS,I,DIM - the hasidim are fundamentalist Jews - the ones in all the black
21T(O,AD)IED - ad = bill as in "Bill stickers will be prosecuted"
22NELSON - a wrestling hold and famous column.
25CAB,E.R. - the caber famously tossed in the Highland games is a tree trunk.

Indie 6249 - Punk
Unless he appeared while I was away, this is Punk's debut Indie puzzle. You can tell from another xwd website that he's also Paul of the Guardian - John Halpern, also on the Times team. I suspect the Punk/Monk rhyme is no coincidence. Very nice puzzle which took 9:42 - a bit quicker than I feared - Paul puzzles can be tough for me. If you want to solve it, look away now, as although the theme was a nice choice, I have a nasty feeling (not confirmed by any easily findable stuff on the web, so I'm probably wrong) that not all British Monopoly sets use the same colours for the groups of properties. So as well as foxing those used to Atlantic City street names (or these days, American national parks, Tolkien characters and heaven knows what else), there may be niggles from some owners of the UK's traditional London-based sets. Our family heirloom from the 1930s was fine ("If you have questions about monopoly, send an envelope with stamps to the value of 1 3/4 d to Waddingtons ..." - now I guess you're directed to some website).


Oct. 26th, 2006 01:52 pm (UTC)
It is indeed the Punk debut in the Indy. Yes, some of the names seem to have changed since I last played 40+ years back...

Liked "Make yourself small in place you shouldn't be". SQUAT